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We are a fast-growing digital services company delivering general software development, mobile and desktop game development and digital management back ends for eCommerce. Over the past 6 years we have delivered services to clients in Europe and Asia. With a growing number of employees, we are well positioned to bring agility and excellence to our growing portfolio of clients. With key operations in Asia and Romania, we are able to deliver top talent within a very sustainable and competitive pricing model. Our company ethos is delivering Excellence through Quality, Service, Efficiency and Reliability.


We empower innovators to turn ideas into products, and products into successful business. eCommerce profitability guides every software solution we develop. From eCommerce solutions, design and software product development to digital marketing, we help companies at every stage of the innovation lifecycle.

Seven Oceans Tech is the team you need to drive change and provide innovation if you need to transform digitally. We prove the viability of new ideas and helping corporate innovators and start-ups create a roadmap for new venture development. Each Seven Oceans Tech client is allocated a team of developers and designers to engineer websites and applications for new ventures.

Seven Oceans Tech specialises in increasing digital companies’ performance to acquire customers and build traction where product marketing teams create traction so businesses of all sizes find, acquire and retain loyal customers. We empower innovators to turn ideas into products, and products into successful businesses. If you need to innovate or transform digitally, Seven Oceans Tech proves the viability of new ideas and help corporate innovators and start-ups create a roadmap for new venture development. Seven Ocean Tech designs and builds products to energise businesses.

Innovation & Digital Transformation

Change begins with a focused vision. Our innovation strategists research your market and collect actionable user insights to generate, validate and refine early stage ideas bringing business strategies to life.

• Design Sprints
• Innovation Workshops
• Concept and Problem Validation
• Customer Journey Mapping
• Assumption Mapping
• Wireframing
• Process Flows
• User & Market Research
• Prototyping
• Lightweight MVP Build

Our digital marketing and user experience strategists will provide in-depth industry analysis, validate product ideas and set a comprehensive digital strategy for your website or SaaS platform. Whether you’re launching a new website or looking to attract new customers, we give you the tools to succeed. Seven Oceans Tech look at every aspect of a business to begin every digital strategy engagement. Blending digital marketing expertise and in-depth user research, we discover opportunities and strategic gaps to help you build a product that truly connects with users.

Action through insights

We do more than identify the latest trends and consumer changes, optimising user interface and user experience. We focus directly on the customers to deliver actionable insights and a detailed product strategy.

Product Design & Development

Seven Oceans Tech designers and developers work in agile teams, dedicated to solving the problem of a single client at a time.

• Web Design & Development
• Mobile App Development
• UI/UX Design
• eCommerce
• Digital Experiences
• Software Development
• Tech Stack Consulting
• Infrastructure Architecture
• Usability Testing
• DevOps

Growth Marketing

New ventures need quick growth and quick turnaround to acquire critical mass. Seven Oceans Tech marketing teams process low-risk insights that accelerate growth and retention management which increases customer life time value while reducing attrition.

• Go-To-Market Strategy
• User Acquisition
• Conversion-Rate Optimization
• Media Buying
• Product Marketing
• Content Development
• Content Marketing
• Multivariate Testing
• Analytics

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